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Authority Site (High PR) Profile Creation Service
Angela and Paul backlinks service
You may of have heard of the power of creating profiles (with your website URL inserted with anchor text) on high authority sites. This method is rising in popularity over due to its amazing effectiveness. While this method is effective, finding high page rank “do follow” sites where you can create profiles is time consuming and tedious. Let us build backlinks for you at unbelievably cheap prices so that you can focus on your business.
We have gathered Angela’s and Paul’s packages to provide your website this effective link building service. These sites are very powerful and will definitely help increase your site in Google’s index
Every site in the packet has been tested, and they all allow you to leave do follow anchor text links and sites PR 4-9.

Start building your backlink today with High Page Rank Backlinks that really count!

You want to increase your backlink so that your website will rise to the top of the Search Engines, but you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars per year paying other webmasters for links or linking services, you don’t want to clutter up your own site with links and “bleed” what Page Rank you do have, and you don’t have time to post endlessly on forums and blogs for “backlink power”.

Why should you use this method?

– It creates a lot of links connected to your website in order to improve your website’s page rank.
– Getting plentiful links help you to quickly improve the position of the search results in search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, …)
– Getting plentiful links help to increase your website’s traffic, that’s a reason why you will have more customers.
– Profile will be never deleted (except you break the rule of forums or web 2.0) so that backlinks will exist forever.
– Backlink index on google very fast (Submission of Your Backlinks to Web 2.0 Properties for better indexing, do follow method
– Our office is placed in Vietnam in which has the cheapest human resource in over the world. Thus we can provide our customers the cheapest link building services with all manual working stages.
(With only this method, the position of our website is always in the top 01 on Google, Bing and Yahoo with keyword: backlink profile, global seo services …)

Our commitment:

– All are permanent links
– Backlink profiles (forum PR 4-9) – With 1-3 URL and 1-3 keywords (anchor text)
– All profiles are placed on high pagerank sites (RP4+).
– All profiles are manually made, professional, quality, permanent links
– Auto-Pinging for your Backlinks for better indexing
– Creation of your Backlinks RSS Feed (Using Senuke to submit RSS)
– 100% do-follow backlinks.
– Backlink index on google very fast(Submission of Your Backlinks to Web 2.0 Properties for better indexing, do follow method
– Use 1 username/password for all profiles.
– Report will be submitted in excel sheet or Google Docs including all information: username/ password/ email/ URLs/PR where the links placed.
– Now we are providing service with 3 options: Monthly service, Normal backlink package (PR 9-4) and Custom backlink package (PR 9-6).
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* Please visit our services via website: and contact Andrew, Laura – Sales Executive & Group Leader, we will abount for you with our services.
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Backlinks – How to get indexed fast by Google

How to Get indexed fast by google
High pr page rank
Backlinks – How to get indexed fastest indexed fast on google first page bing

When it comes to SEO, you’ve been lied to my friend.

You’ve been told that rankings are all about backlinks. Well, that’s not entirely true.

Let me ask you this; how valuable do you think a link to your website is… if Google never sees it? Not very valuable at all, right?

Your links need to be visible…

Your Links Need To Jump Out And Scream “Look At Me!”

And the only surefire way for this to happen is by INDEXING your backlinks.

Indexing is basically having your links registered in Google’s database. Once this happens, all that ‘link juice’ will start filtering through to your site!

Unfortunately indexing is a pain in the butt. It’s not only expensive (once you’ve bought all the special tools you need) but it also takes a heck of a lot of time.

I don’t know about you, but my time is money. That’s why my team and developed a special tool that automates the entire process! It’s appropriately called; Warrior Backlink Indexer.

The best part? It’s a cinch to use. In fact, if you can copy n paste, you can use Warrior Backlink Indexer. That’s why it’s the tool of choice for entrepreneurs and top internet marketers all around the world.

Make sure you get in quick and test out Warrior Backlink Indexer for yourself — before the prices go up!

Get Backlinks – A Fast Backlinking Strategy The research about the power of backlinks and how to go about backlinking in a time efficient manner for a quick increase in search engine position. Watch and then visit


A Beginners Guide to Backlinks

Google is the dominant search engine accounting for 75% of all searches. However Google does not make public how to get your site to rank on page one of the Google search results. The best research on this issue can be done in the following ways:

a) You can ask consultants about their observations. These would be experts to manage hundreds of websites for clients and then look for consistency in what the experts say about achieving a high search engine position.
b) Secondly, you could do your own experiments by creating multiple websites and then testing different variables or you could use SEOmoz who is already done both of these and we will look at their data on the next page.

You can see from the data gathered from consultants and from actual experiments that SEOmoz has determined that back links quantity and quality are the number one determinant of search engine rank accounting for 42% of the entire formula. SEOmoz has done the following experiments to show that back links work quickly and effectively.

Experiment 1
Bought a link for a three word phrase with a Keyword Difficulty Score of 30%
Directed it at an SEOmoz blog post with the term in the body, but not in the title tag
Ranking before link purchase: #458
Ranking after link purchase: #30
Time elapsed: 8 days (all links were pulled as soon as changes were observed)

Experiment 2
Bought a link for two word phrase with a Keyword Difficulty Score of 36%
Directed at page on an established, but low-authority domain with term at end of the title tag
Ranking before link purchase: #426
Ranking after link purchase: #58
Time elapsed: 4 days

Experiment 3
Bought a link for a three word term with a Keyword Difficulty Score of 26%
Directed at a page on a brand new site with less than 10 total links
Ranking before link purchase: #198
Ranking after link purchase: #4
Time elapsed: 4 days


Google does not want you to buy links to improve your site rank but rather to beg other website owners to link to your site. Unless you’re already famous or have a lot of influence, what other choice do you have but to buy links. You can buy links safely and inexpensively in the right way. Visit

Forget Social Monkee – Increase Your Backlinks Its Free With ~ The most effective way to obtain free backlinks is commenting on Relevant Social Bookmarking Sites. Join me and start building your backlinks today.

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Tweers is an exchanging network where people do Facebook likes, Google plus ones +1, Twitter followers and YouTube views. In return they get points. These points can be used to get more Facebook likes, Google plus ones, Twitter followers and YouTube views.

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How To Get High Pagerank Backlinks Such As .EDU Links

High pagerank backlinks, especially .EDU backlinks in Google’s eyes are still a powerful and an important SEO component not to be over looked.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others take into consideration what websites are linking back to your site.

Backlinks, otherwise known as incoming links, inbound links, or inward links, play an important role in how Google and other search engines rank the popularity and authority of a website.

How To Easily Find DoFollow Real Estate Blogs For Backlinks – In this video I show you several ways to easily find content relevant real estate blogs that you can begin building backlinks with by commenting on their articles. In this video I go over the websites below so be sure to open these and use them along with the tutorial.

List of real estate blogs that are dofollow:

Dofollow search engines:

This video is part of the Ultimate Real Estate Link Building Guide found here: