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DeAngello Kelly is a tech enthusiast passionate about AI and Robotics. With more than a decade’s experience in the tech industry, he has worked with several companies throughout his professional journey. Currently, he serves as the Sr Engineering Technician LVL 3 / R&D / Safety Ambassador Chairman at Lam Research. He wanted to educate himself and contribute to his company’s newer demands thus he decided to upskill with the Artificial Intelligence Engineer Masters course from Simplilearn. He believes that the flexible learning model helped him complete the course successfully and gain a 39% increment in his salary. The course made him more confident and he volunteered for new projects at his company. He enjoyed his experience with Simplilearn and has been able to apply all of the learnings to his work, and therefore, recommends taking up courses from Simplilearn to his friends too. His performance has improved and is recognized for new AI projects at his firm. Besides this, he takes out time for volunteering programs such as an education camp where he helped kids build robots. It gives him immense satisfaction to be able to contribute well to his job and the community. He believes that aspirations must not be compromised on and one must keep working hard for what he dreams of.

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About Artificial Intelligence Engineer Course:

Accelerate your career with this Artificial Intelligence Course in conjunction with IBM. Industry-relevant AI courses, including Data Science with Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP, feature unique hackathons and Ask Me Anything sessions hosted by IBM. Get job-ready AI certification training with Capstone projects, practical labs, live sessions, and hands-on projects.
The Artificial Intelligence course, created in partnership with IBM, introduces students to blended learning and prepares them to be specialists in AI and Data Science. IBM, located in Armonk, New York, is a significant cognitive services and integrated cloud solution firm that provides many technology and consulting solutions. IBM invests $6 billion in research & development every year and has won five Nobel prizes, nine US National Medals of Technology, five US National Medals of Science, six Turing Awards, and ten US Inventors Hall of Fame inductions.

✅ What can I anticipate from the Artificial Intelligence course produced by Simplilearn in conjunction with IBM?
You will obtain certificates from IBM and Simplilearn upon completing these AI courses. These certificates will attest to your abilities as an expert in AI. In addition, you will receive the following:

– Masterclass by IBM experts
– Ask me anything during sessions with IBM leadership
– Hackathons conducted by IBM
– Industry-recognized Artificial Intelligence Course from Simplilearn

Learn Artificial Intelligence’s concept, purpose, domain breadth, phases, implementations, and impacts.
– Create real-world projects, games, prediction models, logic constraint satisfaction concerns, experience and understanding systems, probabilistic models, and agent decision-making skills using your artificial intelligent machines and models.
– Learn basic programming features and technicalities, such as data types, tuples, lists, arrays, basic operators, and functions.
– Learn how to develop your Python programs and use the Jupyter notebook to analyze fundamental data.

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