Adsense Account Disabled

AdSense account disabled for invalid traffic – Google Support › adsense › answer
If we determine that an AdSense account might pose a risk to our Google Ads advertisers, we may disable that account to protect our advertisers’ interests.
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There is no method to recover your account if it’s disabled due to invalid traffic. Google will be not allow 2nd chance to their adsense users.
Developer: Google
Unfortunately there is no solution to this, one option could be if you have any offline contact …

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There is no clear-cut way to get your AdSense account back. The best thing you can do is appeal the ban while providing the AdSense team with the appropriate …
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— The only way to get your account back that is accepted by Google is to file an appeal form. You can file an appeal here or check out this …

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If an account gets suspended because of invalid traffic, the ad serving is turned off for a specific period (usually 30 days). If there are no …

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Sincerely,. The Google AdSense Team …

My AdSense/Monetization has been disabled, what do I do? › portal ›
Although Google is the only party that can review and make a decision in regards to these appeals, if your appeal is rejected, you can contact our support team …
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