17 Backlinks for Top Google Rankings

17 Backlinks for Top Google Rankings video lessons talks about back linking for Google ranking purposes. Created by http://goo.gl/2Ig25t search engine optimisation service provider, this video informs the viewer about what backlinking means and what to consider before attending to backlink building campaigns.

Links to your website are very important for people to find out about your online business and website. To learn more about what Google suggests about getting link to your website visit:

Google has very strict guidelines on links, which you can learn more by visiting:

As an online marketer and website owner who is looking for ways to promote your website and online business, you will eventually want to market your website on other sites.

This can be achieved through a change in philosophy about backlinks. Meaning, if you embark on getting hyperlinks for the sake of Google rankings, then that is against google guidelines, however, if you research for ways to create a consumable content for your target audience and make it easy for them to find and also share that content, then, you have just earned yourself a link which is great for your Google rankings.

That is how you can follow Google guidelines so that your website does not get a email notice from Google telling you that Google’s algorithms are triggered for unnatural back linking pointing to your website.
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The fact that Google has strict guidelines on back linking should clearly suggest to you that they are important aspect of Google ranking calculations. That is why, before you embark on back linking campaigns, you should definitely read more about “how backlinks help in SEO” by visiting:

Then you can and should learn more about how to get quality backlinks to your website by visiting this SEO blog:

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